Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping Goodies

I've been going camping a lot lately (what can I say? it's summer!), and as such, I've developed some definite necessities for my trips. Of course, you have the basics: tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, beer. But what is really important to me is the food I bring along. I looove to eat freshly cooked/grilled/seared cuisine from the campfire. My favorites have become the following:

Tofurky kielbasa
french's mustard
natural peanut butter
organic jam (I like to make my own - today I made a blackberry and peach concoction)
Oroweat country potato hot dog buns
Kashi TLC cereal bars
Fruitabu fruit bars

Plus, I also made some brownies from Isa's Post Punk Kitchen recipe. I haven't made brownies in a while, because each time since becoming a vegan, my experiments all turned out very, very badly. This time, however, I have hope and confidence in the recipe, and I think they will be the perfect accompaniment to the trip.

When camping, it's also important that you leave behind no trace. Someone should come along right after you pack up and go and not realize that you were even there for a minute. This goes along with my philosophy that we are to treat the earth with respect and care, thus creating a world that our descendants will want to (and be able to) live in. As such, I advocate using recycled and compostable toilet paper, burning a campfire only when absolutely necessary, and hopefully using wood that has already lived its life, rather than using brand-new timber. Also, I strongly advise you to bring your own water in a refillable water jug so that you can save plastic bottles and re-use the container many times.

And with that, I'm going to enjoy the end of the summer and camp my little heart out!

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