Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Food

A friend and I went camping last night at a place about 20 miles from the Oregon coast. We found a lovely spot at Saddle Mountain State Park. The site was secluded, set back from the path, and it came equipped with a picnic table and a fire pit, as well as quite a large space to set up camp. All for only $9 a night! It was also the base of a 2 mile summit trail that went up to Saddle Mountain. We went on the hike today, but as I have a few issues with fears of falling and that sort of nonsense, I wasn't able to summit, but I got pretty fricking close, and took many pictures to prove that fact.

That's all besides the point, however, because I wanted to discuss the restaurant we ate at today on our way back to Portland. We went into Cannon Beach because I like it so much better than Seaside, even though they were the same distance away from the camp. Too many years of going there as a child and then as a teenager has made me really hate that beach and the way it's grown into a tourist trap, so I often go to Cannon Beach if I'm looking for a quick getaway, or any of the other fantastic beach towns if I don't mind spending a bit more time in the car.

We walked around the town for a little while, trying to decide the best place to dine, when we finally settled upon Sweet Basil's Cafe. I had read about it sometime before, that it would have at least one meal for me to easily eat. My friend wanted to go to a tavern in town, but it just happened to be closed today, so we were basically stuck with Sweet Basil's. It was a great choice for both of us. He was able to enjoy a tiger prawns wrap (the shrimp are guaranteed wild), while I gobbled up a portobello panini with roasted tomatoes, red peppers, onions, and baked tofu. Both entrees came with vegan slaw and corn chips, and we both enjoyed organic coffee with our meals. The best part was at the end, when we were offered dessert. I usually have to say no, which saves me both money and a large waistline, but then our waitress upped the ante by describing the vegan desserts that were available. Geez! I'm trying for a little self-control here, woman! But I gave in and enjoyed a fudgy brownie when I got home. The back of the menu presented the founder's mission, which is to be concerned about what we put into our mouths and stomachs. I was very impressed by the emphasis on local and organic food, as well as all the vegetarian and vegan choices. I will definitely go back.

Added to this wonderful quick get-away was a presentation/book signing that I attended at Powell's Books on Burnside for Isa Chandra Moskowitz this evening, after returning to the city. I finally got to meet my idol in person. She even signed my Vegan Brunch book. Hooray for lovely Wednesdays.

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