Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tempeh Reuben

I finally explored the Red and Black Cafe in SE Portland this evening. I had been wanting to go there for quite a bit, but just haven't had the motivation. Today, my friend and I decided to give it a chance. I tried out the Tempeh Reuben, made with mushrooms and a creamy thousand island dressing. It. Was. Amazing. I absolutely looove the one I get at Proper Eats, but there was just something about this sandwich tonight that was so much more complex and spectacular. It was also only $6.25, but it only came with a Claussen pickle. The atmosphere was not necessarily my type of place; I prefer low-key, but this was hipster-lowkey, so I felt a bit out of place by wearing my library's reading program t-shirt and by my friend wearing an Oregon Ducks sweatshirt. But, the food was good, so I'll definitely go back. Warning: they don't take anything but cash, although they say they have an ATM, so just make sure you have enough paper to make the trip worthwhile.

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