Monday, July 6, 2009

Pain Au Chocolat

I took the plunge recently and purchased a cookbook without having first checked it out from the library. I never do that. It seems so much more logical to really go through a book over a month's time and see if the recipes are ones that I will want to make over time. However, I had been on hold for Vegan Brunch for months, so when I saw it on sale at Powell's Books a few weeks ago, I just had to get it. I have not yet been disappointed. The make-or-break moment was when I saw that it had a recipe for Pain Au Chocolat, one of my favorite things to eat and one of the most disappointing things I've ever tried to make. When I saw that the ingredients list was only 3 items long, and the instructions themselves didn't really seem all that difficult, I was sold, and I made the decision to buy the book. Since then, I've made tons of food from there, and I'm tempted to make some pancakes right now...

In answer to Annie's request, unfortunately this recipe is NOT gluten-free, and I made it when I was still able to eat wheat. I don't mind writing the recipe, but it is not very allergen-free. I apologize!


Annie said...

Could you please add the recipe because I too have many allergies and have been craving pain au chocolat for many years, I have tried making them once before but, I cannot seem to master the right flour mix for the dough.

Anonymous said...

I too have gluten allergies amongst others e.g. anything dairy, i was intrigued by this post as I have been craving a pain au chocolat for years now. Could you please add the recipe onto this post.



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