Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Found a New Favorite Sandwich

Okay, so just when I thought I had found the perfect sandwich in Red and Black Cafe's tempeh reuben (see post here), I decided to go and shake things up a bit by trying a new sandwich: the vegan club at Vita Cafe. OMG, it is fantastic. Just the right amount of mayonaise, tempeh bacon that's marinated and cooked to the perfect taste and texture, delicious bread, and an overall amazing taste. Yum. This is almost too much for my palate to handle!

By the way, if you're interested in catching the last strawberries of the summer, I recommend hitting farmers' markets or berry stands along the road. I went to a stand today (they are paying for college "the berry way"), in outer NE Portland by 122nd and Halsey, and they still were selling flats of local strawberries for $23. However, the girl who sold it to me threatened that this might be the last week, or even day, that they would be available, so hurry!

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