Saturday, June 13, 2009

True Love

Okay, dear blog readers, I have a serious topic of discussion to share with you.

I am in love.

Yes, the real kind.

You are probably asking yourself, isn't it too fast? How long have you been seeing each other? Is it reciprocal?

Oh, I can just see the curious-slash-disconcerted look upon your faces. But it's very important that I tell you of this overwhelming love for ... locally-grown, picked-the-same-day-I-buy-them, absolutely delicious, luscious, red Oregon strawberries. I actually cannot physically keep myself from eating them when they are in front of me! Right now, I am typing this in my bedroom so I won't be tempted to finish off the filled colander in the kitchen. In just a week's time, I have bought 3 half-flats of these little gems. That's - well, that's a lot of berries. And I'm almost all the way through the first one already. I freeze them so that I can enjoy them throughout the rest of the year (oh, it's so difficult in February to be without "fresh" fruit), but I think this year I might have to keep buying them up until the very end of the season because I seriously cannot keep my HANDS off them!

Find them at the local farmers' markets or berry stands that are set up around the city, or, right now, New Seasons is selling half-flats for only $11.50.

So, you now know my guilty pleasure and true love. Ahhh...summer and the fresh bounty it brings.

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