Monday, June 8, 2009

A Smorgasboard of Facts

I realize that school has kept me from this blog yet again, so in the interest of bringing relevant posts to you while saving time that needs to be spent on my last few days' worth of homework, I am merely posting websites that have interesting information. Come the end of June, however, I plan on posting at least twice, if not three times a week.

See you again soon!

World Environment Day: Somehow I missed knowing about this; it occurred last Friday, but that doesn't mean we can't be ready for next year's event(s).

Organic Brewer's Festival: Oh, beer. How I love thee. Especially when you are organic. You make me so happy.

EcoTrust/Chinook Book for Portland: Currently they are offering a deal on purchasing the book of coupons for sustainable businesses, since the year is half over (the coupons expire at the end of November). You should buy it if you haven't yet! I easily got back the money I spent from the first two or three purchases I made.

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