Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Social Commentary

I just want to write a quick post on humans. Or, more specifically, a human experience that happened to me today. As I was leaving my very favorite grocery store (New Seasons) this morning, I was approached by a man. He had a companion, but he was standing off to the side while the initial person came up to me. I was pushing my cart full of groceries back to my car, so it was obvious that I was on a mission, but he still made eye contact and asked if I had a minute. Of course, in circumstances like these, I always come up with as many excuses as possible..."I have to go to work!", "my aunt is dying and I have to save her", or, "I left the oven on at home". These didn't work on him, so I let him give his schpiel. He was a member (employee?) of Green Peace, and he wanted me to join in the fight against global warming. I said right off the bat that I was on a very fixed budget and that I was already doing things for the environment. He asked me what I was doing, specifically (what business of his was it, anyway?). I said that I was a vegan. He gave me a high-five. But then he launched into all the other things I needed to be doing, which basically all boiled down to giving Green Peace money. I was so disappointed in the experience as I put my groceries into my car and drove off. I thought, there are people who can't give money to every charity or green organization, but they can 1)eat less meat, 2)drive a hybrid car, 3)use their local recycling programs, etc. I mean, I totally agree with and understand the fact that there's always more that can be done, but after a while, when it gets to the point of total desperation, it might lead people to believe that they shouldn't have even been born in the first place for all the evil they are bringing to the world!

Any thoughts? I'm interested in this and have never really made a point to start a discussion, but it really hit me today and I would love to create a dialogue for this sort of situation.

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Jamie said...

I really agree with you!

In the interest of starting a discussion: you know what really gets me? The Susan B. Komen foundation and the billions of dollars of pink merchandise sold to raise money in the name of eliminating breast cancer. But the money goes toward promoting and paying for mammograms, which are proven to hurt ten times more women than they help to cure! Now THAT irks me. Let's find a REAL cure for breast cancer, like, oh I don't know, eliminating antibiotics from our milk supply.


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