Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bye and Bye

I tried out The Bye and Bye for the second time last night, and I enjoyed it a lot. I was able to drink a White Russian for the first time since becoming a vegan, and it was just fabulous. It was served in a pint glass, too, so I really felt like I got my money's worth. I shared the Chili Pie (amazing, but possibly a little too spicy for me had I not been ingesting alcohol at the same time) and the Old Timer (the veggie dog was a bland, generic dog - probably Tofurky or Smart Dog - but with the chili covering it, it was still pretty yummy) with my companion, but since we still felt hungry after finishing our meal we also tried out the brownie cheesecake, provided by Sweetpea Bakery. It was really rich, and probably made with a tofu base, so although it was yummy, we both gave up trying to eat it after about 2/3 the way in.

The bar was super busy when we got there, but by the time we left around 9:45, things had calmed down a bit and it was a lot more chill. There are two places for sitting outside, so we enjoyed a breeze with our meal and drinks. I would definitely go back.

Chili Pie!! Served with fritos and vegan sour cream!!!

The Lovely Cheesecake

Veggie Dog w/ Chili and Brussel Sprouts

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Dave Revell said...

This is great. Now that comments don't have to be approved, I can be as profane and juvenile as I want. HINDQUARTERS! Haha.

But yeah, that chili pie is a real treat.


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