Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beer Festival

I went to the Organic Brewers Festival yesterday. It was a success. We arrived at around 3 in the afternoon, and I just had to leave around 5:30, when EVERYONE else decided to show up. But other than the mounds of eager beer-drinkers that came pouring in, the atmosphere prior to that was chill and very enjoyable. The weather was gorgeous, the food amazing (I had a vegan Polish sausage with all the toppings; there was also falafel, organic espresso, vegan nuts, and an entirely organic cart that boasted mostly vegan items). There must have been about 100 beers to sample, but I tried 8 total (that number would be approximately 12 if you count my sips from my friend's samples, although we have mostly the same taste for beer, so we kept getting the same thing!). My VERY favorite, and the one my friend and I kept returning to over and over again, was the Back Hand of God Stout by Crannog. It was the smoothest stout I've ever tasted and it was simply amazing. There really is no other way to describe the taste and texture.

I was surprised to see McMenamins have a few beers there, but there were none from Rogue. Other northwest beers were prevalent (of course, Portland organic brewers Roots and Hopworks were both there), but beers were present from all over the world. It was a delightful experience. Here is a picture of me enjoying my beer.

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Dave Revell said...

My rage at myself for missing this event is only balanced by my amusement at "Back Hand of God." Delicious.

- D


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