Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Seasons

I am already a big fan of New Seasons, just because they specialize in providing local and mostly organic produce and other groceries. However, in the last two weeks or so, two awesome things have happened that have even further cemented my love of New Seasons: the first was when I had to suspend my order because I had not activated my debit card; when I tried using it, it, of course did not work. Soo...instead of making me put everything back and leave empty-handed, the clerk suspended my order and just told me to call back when I had activated my card! Of course, I called back the next day, but ever since then, I've been telling everyone - not just any store would allow you to take your things home after not paying for them, especially when New Seasons is a bit more expensive than the normal grocery store.

The second occasion was last night, when my friend and I got the dinner "munchies". I looked online at New Seasons' website and noticed that they have an online deli, where you can order any meal that you want and they will prepare it for you within 20 minutes for you to come pick it up. That only lasts until 8 pm, however, and it was 8:25, so I had to order my food in person, but even that wasn't a great ordeal. Their veggie burger is vegan, and with a flat rate of $5.95, you can add any veggies to it that you want, as well as put it on any bread. You can even ask for a Claussen pickle on the side for no extra charge.

New Seasons is my kind of place.

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Jamie said...

It sounds fantastic!!!


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