Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick Catch-Up

I've been busy with school, social activities, and trying to figure out this strange winter we've been having - fog followed by sun is not usually indicative of a Portland January/February! So, here are a few things I've seen/heard/done in the last few weeks:

Visited Mother's. The last time I was there was November of 2007, when I was just a measly vegetarian. I had no problems finding food then (they always have a delicious macaroni and cheese of the day, or some salads just have cheese), but when I visited again about 2 weeks ago with, fittingly, my mother, it was a different story. My mother looked up at me from her menu, chagrined, and asked if there was anything I could eat. At that point, I thought there wasn't, at least not without quite a few amendments. But then we just happened to luck out with a knowledgeable waiter. He actually knew what a vegan was (bonus!) and showed me what I could do and ask for to have a completely vegan meal. I ended up having the portobello sandwich with a side salad, and he even switched out the original bun, knowing it included eggs, and substituted hummus for the original mayonnaise sauce. I was in vegan bliss, and it was all due to the wonderful waiter (of course, this would be the time to insert his name, but I honestly don't remember it).

Visited Pyramid Breweries, located in NW Industrial Portland. I ride by the brewery almost every day when I ride my bus home from school, and so finally I recruited a friend to go explore with me. I've always enjoyed Pyramid's Apricot Ale, but I didn't know much about their other beers. Turns out their beers are good; their vegan options are not. I'm not entirely convinced that their amazingly drool-worthy french fries were really vegan, but I do know that the hummus plate (minus feta, of course) was. And it was all pretty decent, but since it's fairly difficult to eat a meal there, I wouldn't recommend going for more than an appetizer or happy hour.

Visited Widmer Brother's Gasthaus Pub, located in North Portland near Emanuel Hospital. I was pretty disappointed in their menu. I had a vegetable sandwich and french (steak) fries, but the most significant point of the meal was when i was splattered with mustard by the waiter, while he was cleaning an adjacent table. The mustard got all over my hair and my sweater, so I was pretty bummed for the rest of the afternoon until I could take a shower and change clothes. So, even though I'm sure you could have a good meal there if you really tried, I don't really recommend making the effort. You never know what you might get instead.

Last night I made a cashew curry straight from 101 Cookbooks online. I bought a pre-made curry powder from the grocery store (I am waaay too lazy to try to make my own!), and added potatoes and sauteed them with the tofu before placing them with the rest of the sauce. Oh, and I made brown rice to be covered by the curry. Here are pictures of the delicious, mouth-watering recipe brought to life:

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