Saturday, November 22, 2008

King Corn

I just finished watching King Corn, a documentary about two fellows who move to Iowa to grow corn on one acre of land. All I can say is:
-I'm relieved that I'm a vegan
-I'm glad I don't eat corn-fed beef 
-I'm thankful that I shop only for organic food
-I'm grateful that my corn intake is actually relatively small (and only then, it's absolutely unprocessed and whole)
-I'm feeling superior that I absolutely refuse to eat any sweeteners that are not totally natural and unprocessed
-I'm absolutely sickened by America's way of life: cheap food, poor treatment of animals, lack of nutrition, disgusting food, the need to eat meat or an animal product at every meal, the need for excessive sweeteners in all foods

I think I'll move to a farm and grow my own vegan food from now on...I'm ready to become a healthy hermit to get away from all of these disgusting habits.

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