Tuesday, September 2, 2008

vegan food heaven

I seem to go to Spokane an awful lot, but I really don't - I just make sure and blog about each experience that I have there! This last weekend I was there, and I got to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Cafe Marron's. It's in Browne's Addition, an area of Spokane that reminds me a lot of Portland. The houses and apartments are cooler, the restaurants feed people who care about sustainability and free-range eggs, and the atmosphere is just altogether much more cosmopolitan than the rest of the city. I enjoyed a veganized tofu scramble, but it sounds like they will really make anything vegan if you ask for it. When I called on the phone, the gal knew right away what I needed, and then it turned out she was our waitress, too, so we were able to speak face-to-face. The food was just delicious as well. The only thing I would complain about is the icky coffee, but really, I was drinking it more for the caffeine anyways.
The reason I went to Spokane was to throw a baby shower for a friend. My partner-in-crime and I threw an almost-completely vegan shower, and no one complained or felt unfulfilled. The only non-vegan item was a cheese (chevre) for people to put on their bread if they so desired. We got a small container, and it was barely eaten. However, the amazing vegan pasta salad that my friend put together was snapped up by girls going back for seconds, thirds, fifths, tenths, etc. What topped it all off was the amazing chocolate cupcakes and the strawberries dipped in chocolate ganache. Anybody who is skeptical about enjoying a vegan diet should have been there that afternoon! 

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Jamie said...

And it's not just like the vegan baby shower food was passable... it was WONDERFUL! I am so happy you did that! Everyone really loved it, and I did especially! :) Definitely the best baby shower food ever!


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