Monday, August 25, 2008

living it up

Well, it appears to be getting cooler here in Ptown, although I don't really understand why, since it's still August. I don't claim to understand anything about weather or about how El Nino or El Nina is affecting the tides or how global warming is actually producing cooler temperatures, so I won't even try. All I know is that it makes me desire soup and warm noodles and yummy rice. So on Saturday, I was hanging around Chinatown with a friend when we decided to make a stop for lunch. Of course, I feel horrible, because I have no idea the name of the restaurant we went to, but I know it was on a corner on 4th and...Davis? Everett? Perhaps neither of those? Anyways, I had the Buddha Delight noodle dish, and it was delicious. I couldn't finish it at that moment, but it gave me 3 more meals during the day. It had delicious noodles with a lovely sauce and so many vegetables and fried tofu. Saturday night, after eating those noodles all day, I discovered I was still ravenous, so I went to my local Fred Meyer's and picked up one of Amy's frozen Indian meals. I think it was the Vegetable Korma (sp?). It was completely vegan, of course, and even my non-vegan friend enjoyed it! It had rice and peas and lentils and potatoes and yummy sauce and when I mixed it all together, it just practically melted in my mouth, even though it was a frozen meal. Then, today, I decided to try my hand at making my own Indian food. I've given it a go before, with mediocre results: it's usually something I'd eat, but I can't exactly call it Indian. Today I didn't go off a recipe, so I'm not sure if my dish has any sort of name or title, but it included yellow lentils (they have the highest content of protein of all lentils, so said the Indian clerk who sold them to me at India 4 U on Belmont), broccoli, peas, corn (all frozen and steamed with fresh herbs), golden raisins, tomatoes and [local] garlic with a [half-the-fat] coconut milk sauce that included cumin, chili powder, salt, and a special bean "potion" that discourages your body from making any additional "music" (another lovely tip from India 4 U). Oh, and I had some frozen na'an that I heated up with it. It's simply delicious, although my complaint would be that I didn't let the lentils cook quite long enough. They are still just a smidgen on the crunchy side. Oh well, it's still tasty. 

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