Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I went to my doctor two weeks ago. I am really bad about going to her unless I am having a problem of some sort, so when I got there, she wanted to ask how I was doing. That meant I had to cover about a year and a half or so in 5 minutes. Of course, as soon as I told her I had become a vegan, she immediately asked me even more questions. I didn't think too much of it, I guess, but later, when she suggested me having a total blood test done, I got a little upset. I assume that when a meat-eater goes to the doctor, she isn't bombarded with intrusive questions and subjected to a 4-vial blood draw. But I could be wrong. And all that came out of it was that I was slightly anemic. Ha! It's kind of a genetic flaw, and everyone else in my family eats meat, so I guess that my diet isn't the culprit. But it's still a disappointment - I would have loved leaving there with the absolutely knowledge that my diet is just as if not incredibly more healthy than the normal American's. 
I went to Spokane for business last week and had the opportunity to dine at Mizuna's. It was delicious. It started as a vegetarian restaurant, and I guess they couldn't survive on that alone (it is Spokane, after all), and they now offer two menus, one for meat-eaters and one for vegetarians and vegans. They stress that their food is not cooked on the same surface, so a vegan can be truly reassured that she is not going to accidentally ingest any animal products. I ate waaay too much food, but it was so delicious that I really couldn't help it. 

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Courtney said...

Truly, I get the same bombardment of questions when I go to the doctor (even as an omnivore!). And in all nutritional fairness, it *is* important to make sure that people who don't eat red meat often (like me) or at all (like you) get sufficient iron. Staves off that anemic exhaustion. :)


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