Sunday, August 17, 2008

the beach

Oh, the Oregon coast. A wonderful place to go and relax and retreat to that's not too far away from Portland. I went on Friday to escape the heat (don't tell anyone I said that - I love this weather, I really do, I just wanted a break!). Instead, it was like I entered a block of white ice as soon as I went over the top of the mountain. It was so foggy you couldn't even tell if there was an ocean there at all. And it was windy and kind of miserable. I walked around with my towel around me all day to keep warm. But that is not the point of this blog - describing the wonderful place that I ate my lunch is. I went to Aunt Mary's quite by accident. I happened to be walking along the main drag in Lincoln City (my favorite Oregon beach) looking half-heartedly for a place to eat. I didn't really expect to find anything suitable, since, after all, it's a small town that can offer as much seafood as it wants. So I was mostly looking for a warm place to go into and sit for a while to defrost before going out into the cold again. I don't even know what made me stop in front of Aunt Mary's, but I did, then started looking at the menu, which said it could make almost every single entree vegan. I was in shock! I went in and had a delightful and very filling Mexi Wrap (hold the cheese and dilly sauce and add the tofu pate to make it vegan) with some chips and a Twilight Ale from Deschutes. The atmosphere is a little funky, a little dark, but very welcoming and it was, most importantly, warm! The service was also really great. Only one person was behind the "bar", but he served all of us with cordiality and the utmost attention to detail. It was such a nice experience, especially after I had resigned myself to just eating a salad. I will definitely return. 

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Daniel said...

of course it was windy and cold, it's a pacific northwest beach. although lincoln city is the home of my worst sunburn ever, from a family vacation about 5 years back. glad to hear the food went well though!

(hmm... not sure if this showed up the first time. if so, i apologize for the double post.)


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