Friday, July 11, 2008

restaurant debacle

I went to Veritable Quandary yesterday for lunch with two business associates. It was awful. Perhaps the entire experience could have been different if our waitress was different, but she made it just that much worse. Now, looking at the menu, I realized that there were no vegan entrees, but I figured that I could easily move things around and ask for alterations simply enough. So not the case. The waitress, it became apparent, knew nothing about veganism, nor did she care to really find out, so I was stuck with a greens-only salad (because I was fearful of her sticking some raspberry vinaigrette on top, which I would have been allergic to!) that cost $7 and bread with olive oil - which she still almost gave to me with butter. Seriously, I won't even go into half of our interactions here, but needless to say, I wrote a scathing email to the restaurant and one of my co-lunchers even called. Then, the man she talked to had the audacity to give her a gift certificate! No thanks. I told her she could have it because there's no way I'm going back. 

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Courtney said...

Ouch, I heard about this. That's atrocious -- in the vegan capital of the world, no less!


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