Saturday, July 12, 2008

on the other hand...

So, in the next breath, I have to say that my vegan experiences at Los Toquerios Gorditas and Hammy's Pizza were beyond awesome, so there's still hope for Ptown eateries. I've raved about Los T. before, and yesterday was no exception. I had their Friday vegan special - a tostada with the fixin's (lettuce, really spicy green peppers that I took off, tomatoes, avocados, refried beans, and tofutti sour cream) - and it was beyond delicious. I was gobbling it up so quickly I'm sure the other people around me thought I had been starving for months. Then, for dinner, I tried out the Vegan Greek personal-sized pizza at Hammy's (21st and Clinton), and it did not at all disappoint. They even cover it with a vegan parmesan cheese! How amazing is that? So, after the horrible time at VQ, I'm glad to say that I'm back to being content with Portland's vegan choices. :)

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