Sunday, June 22, 2008


I tried out Veganopolis today, located in the 400 block of SW 4th in downtown Ptown. It was delicious. My friend had a grilled sandwich with spinach, bbq-d tofu, and avocado, and I had a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. Both sandwiches came with cole slaw and french fries. YUM! Oh, I was in vegan heaven. Oh, and it ended with a delicious (albeit, a little dry) peanut butter cookie. Can life get any better than this? I submit that it cannot! (A little Brian Regan quote there for ya.) 
Anyways, not much new in the world of my vegan life other than that. I have been really busy at work, so eating is almost more of an afterthought at the moment. However, because of the extremely and rapidly rising gas prices, I have committed to riding my bike every day that I can (exception being when I have to drive out 15 miles to go to my second job two days  week). It's been great. I feel so fit and superior, knowing that I am truly doing my part to save the environment. 
This weekend, think about one or two things that you can do to really make a change in your life and help our world: create a compost bin, hang your clothes to dry, ride your bike or take the bus somewhere, eat two less meals with animal products, keep more plants in your home, etc. The opportunities are endless. Enjoy this plethora of options!

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Daniel said...

vegan bacon, i hope?


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