Tuesday, June 3, 2008

vegan pizza

There is nothing better than pizza. I mean, maybe there is, but nothing comes to mind at the moment. And the specific pizza I'm thinking of at the moment is from Hot Lips, a local P-town company that specializes in local, delicious food, as well as homemade sodas. I haven't tried one yet, because of the risk of raspberry cross-contamination, but they certainly look good! Anyways, the pizza I had was the vegan one, obviously, and it's soo good. During the winter they smother it with a delicious pureed squash sauce. It sounds kind of disgusting until you taste it, and then it's like happiness just explodes in your mouth. It's wonderful. By this time of year, however, they've switched to different vegan sauces. I had the choice between a cilantro or a sun-dried tomato pesto. I picked the latter. Then, they cover it with mushrooms, black kalamata olives, whole garlic cloves (yum!), spinach, onions, and other stuff that tastes good. I've eaten the latest pie ($18.25 for 8 slices I think) in two wonderful sittings. :)

Here's a picture of the very last slice that's about to go into my tummy. Oh, yummy, yummy.


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