Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lazy Blogger

Well, apparently I'm not going to be blogging as often as I thought because, as it turns out, I kind of have a life! Who knew? (I didn't; I thought it would be easy to blog every day. Oh, well.) So, Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and I urge you to do a few things:
1. Try to take one day, or two (seven is optimal, of course) to not drive your car. Walk, run, skip, take public transportation, etc. instead, but think about how much better you'll feel knowing that you saved the earth for one day from all the toxic things coming out of your exhaust pipe.
2. Recycle whatever you can. I know some cities don't allow you to recycle anything but white paper (Spokane, anyone?), but at the same time, you can go to specialized recycling centers or even recycling events where you can get rid of things that normally you would throw into the trash.
3. That brings me to a better thought. Reduce the items you buy or acquire that you know you will never (or barely) use. That means all those brussell sprouts that you bought on sale in bulk, or the 2 movies that were on sale that no one in your family wants to watch, or even the extra pad of paper that you thought you might need in 3 years. Bonus: it saves you money, too!
4. Be thankful for the earth we inhabit. What an amazing thing we get to live on. It gives us food, shelter, water, drought, plants, animals, the whole gambit. How wonderful. Plant a tree and profess thanks.

Have a great Earth Day, because I'm not counting on myself to be clever enough to write again before that day occurs. As always, have a wonderful, cruelty-free day!

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