Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've been in Spokane for the weekend, and, thankfully, I've mostly eaten at people's homes, but on Saturday, I ventured out and decided to try restaurants. Note: Spokane is not known for its eco-justice or vegan-friendly cuisine. Thus, I was a bit timid while deciding on what restaurant to try. I ended up going to two places, one for lunch and one for dinner: Hu Hot, located in the Valley, is a Mongolian-style restaurant, where you go down the line and put things into your bowl, where, at the end, they are grilled on top of an open "skillet" by a few guys who are usually sweating profusely from the heat. That means I could pick out dairy-free noodles, vegetables, and any sauce that was also dairy-free (surprisingly, they offered quite a few!). That was delicious, and I went through the line twice. For dinner, I joined my friends at the Elk, a pub located in Browne's Addition, where I had the only vegan-friendly main entree on the entire menu: black bean burger (sans the cheese and mayo sauce) with a salad on the side. It was pretty yummy, and I still felt fulfilled.
So, it looks as if Spokane is starting to be health-friendly. Now, if only they recognized and appreciated the fine art of recycling!


Unknown said...

Yummm, I was just craving Mongolian noodles today!

Daniel said...

hooray! for mongolian-style grills. there's a really good one down in wenatchee if you ever make it up for a visit. i'm not sure if they're as vegan-friendly as the one in spokane, but they were voted the best vegetarian restaurant in the valley for several years, so there's at least a chance.

Derek said...

The Elk's bean burgers are made with a whole bunch of eggs, I used to work there.


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